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The Beach House


One of the designers we work with came to us with a wonderful opportunity to build a new house using an old plot on the south coast, just back from the ocean

The Challenge

The brief was simple; make this a fun summertime home that was easy to operate yet included all the latest technology.

Simple operation was critical, often guests who did not know the house would stay and need to make things work without understanding all the technology. Remote access was also important, the house had to look after itself while unoccupied; and turning on the heat and lights before coming down were important.

The Solution

We undertook all the wiring, lighting, heating control & AV infrastructure on this project,

Lighting was mostly LED downlights in the ceiling, supplemented with LED uplights set in the floor and pendants hung in critical places in the larger rooms

Lighting control in the large open plan areas was critical, as these were used for multiple purposes, so settings had to be precise and easily replicated.  To achieve this we installed a Lutron Homeworks system to cover almost the whole house with a small number of keypads in strategic positions around the rooms. Working closely with the designer we achieved just the right settings for each function, and as each button is clearly engraved a newcomer can easily use the home to its fullest effect.

External lighting was a mixture of Collingwood ground lights & low level wall lights around the house & the pool.  These were also controlled by Homeworks and operate automatically when the house is unoccupied.

Heating control is fully automatic using Heatmiser thermostats with plastered in sensors in each room so all the equipment is hidden away. The system is fully remote operated, ensuring that it stays warm & dry when not in use and is wormed up in time for visitors arrival.

The house was totally wired out for AV distribution and wireless internet access, including coverage in the grounds.  Centralised audio is installed in all principal rooms with TV distribution to all locations from centralised Sky boxes.

The Results

The owner is delighted with the home which is easy to use and is great fun for both quiet weekends or family holiday times.  The AV systems deliver sky TV and audio all over the house and can be operated by anybody with the minimum of instruction.

All the systems can be controlled from the user’s ipad , and when unoccupied the house just looks after itself with heating in background and lights on automatic at night.

Equipment Used

Lutron Homeworks QS lighting control system

Lighting from Phillips, Collingwood & others.

Heatmiser heating control system

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