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Home Automation from Bryanston

Why use Home Automation?

A smart home takes the latest technologies and uses them to control every aspect of your home, making living easier and more comfortable. We do this by managing all the systems from lighting & heating to home security making them simple for everybody to use.

Smart Lighting Control

We Install Lutron’s lighting control systems in homes of all sizes to create the exact ambiance for your home. Lights and curtains operate on pre-set scenes on simple push buttons to create exactly the lighting required every time.

Smart Shading

With a Lutron control system all the blinds & curtains in your home are electrically controlled and automated so they close & open on a simple button or automatically at a pre-determined time.

Smart Heating & Comfort Control

Come in to a home at exactly the right temperature without wasting energy. Using Heatmiser thermostats and control systems we can control the heating in an entire home from a single screen, ensuring that the temperature of your home is exactly right at the times you need it.

Smart Audio Visual

Audio systems in one room, TV in another, Sky box in a third. How do you pull all this together? By integrating all these into one system we can deliver audio or video wherever you need it, with a simple control instead of a pile of remotes lost down the sofa.

Smart Access & Communications

Fed up with mobiles that don’t work indoors or door intercoms that are in just the wrong place? From smart video door & gate intercoms to the latest in wireless telephone systems our digital communication systems provide simple yet effective communications around the house.

Making Your Home a Smart Home

Creating the perfect smart home can be a complex challenge with many options to choose from No matter what sort of system you're planning on installing, it's always good to talk to a custom installer first. Not only will they be able to advise you on what kind of system will best suit your needs, but they can also help to ensure that it's installed in the most efficient and cost-effective way. At Bryanston Smarthome we have selected the best brands in each category to ensure our clients get the best solutions with the minimum of effort. Call us for good unbiased advice on how to move forwards.

Heating Systems Integration

Lutron’s Homeworks system integrates with a range of heating & cooling systems including Heatmiser

Having total home control when you’re away from home or simply out for the evening provides a hassle-free way to save energy – from anywhere. As an example with this integration you can control your home’s heating system through the Lutron keypad, for example when you go out one single button press puts the lighting and the heating into away mode, saving power & heating energy.