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Specialist Installation, Support & System Rescue

Great support is the critical ingredient in any smart home installation. For our own installations, we provide detailed handover and ongoing support. We are also happy to provide support for other existing installations, and carry out system rescue when required.

Lutron Installation


Every installation is custom designed to your individual requirements.

We have a team of specialist engineers who can carry out the entire electrical installation or just the Lutron element, whichever you prefer.

Our aim is to start as early in the project as possible, ensuring that the electrical design is done right and that everything is positioned exactly where you, the customer want it. Once we have a good design we will install all the cabling and first fix the Lutron cabinets. The next stage is to install the dimmer packs and keypads, finally fitting the decorative fronts when the building is decorated. We then carry out full system tests ready for programming to commence.

Lutron Programming


From the design stage we will have considered how your system is to be used, but it is at the programming that brings you Lutron Homeworks system to life.

Every home is different & every client has their own way of living.  Our normal routine is therefore to hand the system over to you with a simple “get you going” program and let you learn how your home works for a few weeks.

With most Lutron installations we generally include 2 return visits, one after a month and another after 2-3 months to fine tune the programming to your requirements.

Once you have an understanding of how your home works for you we will come back and do a full detailed program of the system, this will generally be over one or two evenings, depending on the nature of the project.

A few weeks later we will do a further update adjusting the things that weren’t quite right the first time. During the process, we will provide user training on site to ensure you get the most enjoyment and the most value from your investment.

Smart Home Support


With all technology there is nothing more frustrating than a system that isn’t working as it should.

It might not be totally broken but you know it’s not at its best.

We support a wide range of systems including

  • Lutron Homeworks QS, Homeworks Illumination, Grafik Eye
  • Rako lighting control wired & wireless
  • Heatmiser thermostats
  • DrayTek routers & wireless access points
  • Panasonic telephone systems
  • 2N door & gate systems

Home internet & wireless systems need to be regularly checked and kept up to date for the latest software updates. Lighting and heating systems are generally very stable long term but often benefit from software upgrades and added features.

At Bryanston Smarthome our team of experienced engineers and programmers deliver exactly the right level of support for each installation including: -

  • Over the phone support & advice
  • Scheduled service visits and routine checks,
  • Software upgrades,
  • System maintenance and repairs where required.

In many cases the systems we install are on line so we can diagnose problems remotely, so if a site visit is required it can be done most efficiently.  We offer a range of support contracts, from simple call out to full maintenance plans all designed to keep your systems in top working order. We also support the rest of your electrical installation through our sister business Bryanston Electrical.

Support Pricing

Our charges vary according to the type of work required but this gives you a good guide as to what to expect.

Contract support pricing depends on the size and complexity of the installation, there is no charge for us to come & talk to you and assess your needs.

For non contract customers we charge on a time & materials basis.

On Site rates for Lutron / Rako / Panasonic / Heatmiser & data networking issues in normal hours (Monday – Friday 8-5) Up to 1 hour from home base

First hour £90 + VAT
Additional hours £70 + VAT
Half day £250 + VAT
Full day £400 + VAT
Please call for London & out of hours rates.

For pre-planned system design, programming, & documentation off site: -

Hourly rate £60 + VAT
Half day £200 + VAT
Full day £300 + VAT

Materials charged at competitive rates, please ask for pricing.