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The Importance of Infrastructure

It’s now really important in presenting a high-end home to a client to have the right infrastructure for Lighting, networking and audiovisual.  By getting it right you build in the ability to discretely integrate Internet, Computer and Communication systems along with TV, satellite and music, in the new home with no additional wiring or re-work in the future.

Installing this infrastructure in on day one significantly adds sales value to the home, far greater than the budget required to do the work.

Deciding which services are required in which rooms is key to the design process; each home is different yet there are common criteria that lead to success. Getting it right on paper before the work commences ensures a smooth implementation and an easier sales process to your final customer.

The design consultancy team at Bryanston SmartHome can deliver paid-for design specifications for tender packages, or create complete designs for implementation; along with full post build documentation.

If you are developing a single property or a multi-unit development please call us, our initial advice is free and our expertise is hugely valuable.

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