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How We Can Provide Architectural Support

Do you work with high end residential projects, yet don't have the in-house expertise to design Home Automation?

It’s now vital in designing a high-end home to have the right infrastructure for Lighting, networking and audio visual, tuned to the needs of the particular client.

Deciding which services are required in which rooms is key to the design process; each home is different yet there are common criteria that lead to success. Getting it right on paper before the work commences ensures a smooth implementation and an easier sales process to your final customer.

Bryanston SmartHome can provide an ideal support for you in this market, working behind you as your Lutron or Audio visual expert, yet leaving you as the main designer running the project.

We already work with many Architects, so if you want our expertise, but without the hassle & cost of becoming Lutron trained, just give us a call and one of the team will explain how we do things.